CCSBT Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna
SBT Research

In April 2001, the CCSBT agreed to implement a Scientific Research Program (SRP) with five components as priorities. The five elements are:-

  • characterisation of the SBT catch;
  • improvement in CPUE interpretation and analysis;
  • development of a scientific observer program;
  • implementation of a SBT tagging program;
  • direct ageing.

The 2013 meeting of the Extended Scientific Committee (ESC) adopted a modified framework for the SRP structured around:

  • On-going Scientific Monitoring;
  • Management Procedure (MP) Implementation; and
  • Stock Assessment (Operating Model development).

The 2014 ESC meeting revised the SRP and provided a three year indicative work plan for 2015 to 2017. The meeting noted the importance of the “close-kin” (CK) method for providing absolute spawning biomass estimates and also potentially proving information on key uncertainties in the CCSBT Operating Model on the Indonesian fishery including selectivity, fecundity, and adult mortality. High priority research items for 2015 were identified as being:

  • Aging of otoliths;
  • Continued collection of CK samples;
  • Further work on the genotyping approaches to inform decisions on the longer-term approach for CK;
  • An expert review workshop on the CK approaches; and
  • A design/feasibility study of gene tagging for providing absolute recruitment estimates.