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Conditions for Downloading Data

Before downloading these data from the CCSBT web site, you must accept the following points and conditions:

  • The source of the data must be acknowledged.
  • All figures are subject to change as improved data or estimates become available. In particular, the data for the last reported year of catch are only preliminary.
  • Reviews of SBT data in 2006 indicated that southern bluefin tuna catches may have been substantially under-reported over the previous 10-20 years and the data presented here do not include estimates for this unreported catch.
  • Certain types of data (particularly the Catch and Effort, and the Catch at Size data) are complex and easy to misinterpret.  Proper use of these data requires knowledge of the fisheries, the data coverage and other subtleties relating to different subsets of the data.  Users are encouraged to be cautious in their use of this information unless they have adequate knowledge of these aspects of the data.
  • The disclaimer in this web site also applies to any downloads of data.