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Attendance at Meetings by Observers

The Executive Secretary may, with the approval of all CCSBT Members, invite the following States, entities or organisations to send observers to attend meetings of the CCSBT:

  • any State or entity not party to the Convention, whose nationals, residents or fishing vessels harvest southern bluefin tuna, and any coastal State through whose exclusive economic or fishery zone southern bluefin tuna migrates; and
  • any inter-governmental or, on request, non-governmental organisations having special competence concerning southern bluefin tuna or competent to contribute to the attainment of the objectives of the Convention.

The CCSBT may also approve long-term observer status to specific States, entities, inter-governmental (IGO) and, on request, non-governmental organisations (NGO) to attend specific meetings of the CCSBT.  Five IGOs and four NGOs have been granted with long-term observer status as shown in the table below.

Observers organisations provided with long-term observer status for CCSBT Meetings
 Strategy and Fisheries Management Working GroupEcologically Related Species Working GroupExtended Scientific CommitteeCompliance CommitteeExtended Commission
Inter-Governmental Organisations
ACAP YesYes Yes
ICCAT YesYesYesYes
IOTC YesYesYesYes
Non-Governmental Organisations
Birdlife Int. Yes  Yes
HSI Int. Yes YesYes
TRAFFIC Int. Yes YesYes
WWF Aust. Yes YesYes
Chairs of Joint Tuna RFMO committees/working groups/networks
Kobe Process Steering Committee    Yes
MSE Working Group  Yes*  
Technical Bycatch Working Group Yes   
Tuna Compliance Network   Yes 

* Including the Operating Model and Management Procedure Technical Working Group.

Further details on the attendance and participation by observers can be found at Rule 3 of the CCSBT Rules of Procedure.  It is important to note that:

  • Any requests for attendance as an observer to a CCSBT meeting must be advised to Members by the Executive Secretary at least 50 days before the respective meeting.  Requests for observer status must therefore be received by the Executive Secretary in sufficient time to meet this timeframe.
  • Papers submitted by observers and other external parties which include possible non-compliance of CCSBT Members, must indicate this content to the Secretariat and these papers must be received by the Secretariat at least 45 days prior to the relevant meeting. These papers will be subjected to CCSBT’s “Process for Review of External Documents including possible non-compliance of Members”.