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Reports of Past Meetings

The reports of recent CCSBT meetings will be updated on this web site on an annual basis, after the Annual Meeting of the Commission has been held consistent with the Commission's policy on the publication of documents.

Meeting reports are grouped according to the CCSBT meeting year in which the meetings were held. Within each meeting year, reports are ordered in descending order of their meeting dates. Each report can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Each meeting report contains an attachment that provides a list of documents that were submitted to the meeting. Some of these documents are considered to be confidential (see the Report of the subsequent Annual Meeting of the Commission for details).  However, most documents from 2002 onwards are available to the public and can be obtained by making a request to the CCSBT Secretariat. 


CCSBT 23: October 2016


CCSBT 22: October 2015


CCSBT 21: October 2014


CCSBT 20: October 2013


CCSBT 19: October 2012


CCSBT 18: October 2011


CCSBT 17: October 2010


CCSBT 16: October 2009


CCSBT 15: October 2008


CCSBT 14: October 2007


CCSBT 13: October 2006


CCSBT 12: October 2005


CCSBT 11: October 2004


CCSBT 10: October 2003


CCSBT 9: October 2002


CCSBT 8: October 2001


CCSBT 7: April 2001


CCSBT 6: November 1999 to April 2001


CCSBT 5: February 1999 to November 1999


CCSBT 4: September 1997 to February 1999


CCSBT 3: September 1996 to February 1997


CCSBT 2: September 1995