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IUU Vessel lists

CCSBT List of IUU Vessels

The CCSBT has adopted a Resolution on Establishing a List of Vessels Presumed to have Carried Out Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Activities For Southern Bluefin Tuna (Updated October 2019).

At each annual meeting, there is an opportunity for the CCSBT to identify vessels which have engaged in fishing activities for SBT in a manner which has undermined the effectiveness of the Convention and the CCSBT measures in force. If vessels are included on the CCSBT IUU Vessel List then they will be published below and circulated to appropriate regional fisheries organisations. The CCSBT IUU vessel list may also include IUU vessels cross-listed from IATTC, ICCAT, IOTC, WCPFC, CCAMLR, SEAFO, SIOFA and SPRFMO.

Currently, all vessels on the CCSBT IUU Vessel List have been cross-listed from other organisations.

Other Regional Fisheries Management Organisations’ IUU Lists

To assist in the publicising of information on IUU vessels, links to the IUU vessel lists of other Regional Fisheries Management Organisations that have been shared with the CCSBT or that are in adjacent waters to the CCSBT are provided below: