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Chair and Vice Chair 

The Commission and Extended Commission have Chairs and Vice-Chairs elected from different Members who remain in office until the election of their successors at the next annual meeting. The current Chairs and Vice-Chairs are:

Commission Chair
Commission Vice Chair
(New Zealand)
Mr. Max Kitchell 

Mr. Arthur Hore
Ministry for Primary Industries


Extended Commission Chair

Extended Commission Vice Chair
(New Zealand)

Mr. Max Kitchell

Mr. Arthur Hore
Ministry for Primary Industries



The Secretariat

The permanent office of the Secretariat to the Commission was officially opened on 10 September 1996 by Senator the Honourable Warwick Parer, Australian Minister for Resources and Energy. The CCSBT is one of three international organisations permanently headquartered in Australia, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) and the Secretariat for the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels, both located in Hobart, being the others.

The Secretariat's address is:


Postal AddressStreet Address
PO Box 3781A Denison Street
Deakin WestDeakin

The Secretariat's phone numbers are:

Telephone:(61 2) 6282 8396
Fax:(61 2) 6100 9461

The current staff members of the Secretariat are:

Executive Secretary  
Mr Robert (Bob)
Deputy Executive Secretary 
Mr Akira
Database Manager 
Mr Colin
Compliance Manager 
Ms Susie
Administrative Officer 

Ms Kozue Loghem
Ms Melanie Batchelor