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Ecologically Related Species

The CCSBT has established a Working Group on Ecologically Related Species (ERSWG).  The CCSBT requires the ERSWG to provide information and advice based on research which:-

  • determines the nature and extent of interactions with Ecologically Related Species (ERS) in SBT fisheries;
  • determines the affects of SBT and other fisheries on ERS;
  • assesses current or potential measures to reduce ERS captures.

Reports of past meetings of the ERSWG can be found here.

The ERSWG also has a role in the development of advice on best practice for educational activities. Education pamphlets on seabirds and sharks have been produced and distributed to SBT fishers since 2003. Technical (mainly taxonomical) aspects of these pamphlets were updated in 2011-13. These are;