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CCSBT Register of Designated Ports and Contacts

The CCSBT has established a register of information with regard to its scheme for minimum standards for the inspection in port of foreign Fishing Vessels and Carrier Vessels carrying SBT (or fish product originating from SBT), that has not been previously landed or transhipped at port.   

The information to be provided by CCSBT Members and Cooperating Non-Members (CNMs) for this register is as follows:

  • A point of contact for receipt of port entry requests;
  • A point of contact for receipt of inspection reports (pertaining to the Member’s own vessels);
  • A list of designated ports of entry; and
  • The required pre-notification period (in hours) for port entry requests.

Ports that do not appear on the designated list of ports are deemed not to be acceptable Member or CNM ports of entry for the Fishing Vessels or Carrier Vessels mentioned above.

The designated ports of entry and contacts submitted by Members and CNMs is provided below: