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ByCatch Mitigation

The CCSBT has agreed to a variety of binding and non-binding measures related to mitigation of bycatches.


Binding Measures

Binding measures agreed by the CCSBT comprise:

In accordance with the Resolution to Align CCSBT’s Ecologically Related Species measures with those of other tuna RFMOs, the following measures of IOTC, WCPFC, or ICCAT are binding on Members of the CCSBT when fishing within the relevant area of competence:

Area of Competence of the IOTC

Convention Area of the WCPFC

Convention Area of the ICCAT


Non-Binding Measures

Non-Binding measures agreed by the CCSBT include:

  • Members shall:
    • Exchange information concerning new or refined techniques to reduce incidental catch of seabirds and cooperate in developing and assessing the effectiveness of such techniques, including those with the objective of preventing the approach of seabirds to fishing vessels or restraining the feeding activities of seabirds. In introducing a technique, a Member will consider its effectiveness in reducing the incidental catch of ecologically related species, and the costs and benefits, including possible impacts on harvesting of tuna.
    • Continue to assess the effectiveness of the measures described in the points above.
    • Promote, among the fishers concerned, understanding about the incidental capture of seabirds and measures which can be implemented to reduce seabird capture in longline operations.
  • Members should:
    • Promote the use of appropriately designed and deployed tori lines in SBT longline fishing operations
    • Take the following measures, as appropriate, in longline fisheries while taking southern bluefin tuna:
      • avoid the dumping of offal as far as possible while longlines are being set or hauled; and
      • use thawed baits.
    • Make every effort to ensure that birds captured alive during longlining are released alive and that wherever possible hooks are removed without jeopardising the life of the bird concerned.
  • In accordance with CCSBT’s Recommendation to Mitigate the Impact on Ecologically Related Species of Fishing for Southern Bluefin Tuna (Revised October 2019), Members will, to the extent possible, implement the International Plan of Action for Reducing Incidental Catches of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries (IPOA-Seabirds), the International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks (IPOA-Sharks), and the FAO Guidelines to reduce sea turtle mortality in fishing operations (FAO-Sea turtles), if they have not already done so.

Education to Minimise ByCatch

Education pamphlets on seabirds and sharks have been produced and distributed to SBT fishers since 2003. Technical (mainly taxonomical) aspects of these pamphlets were updated in 2011-13.  These are;


CCSBT does not have its own education pamphlets on sea turtles, but the following useful material is available: