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CCSBT 11 (2004) - MPWS 3

CCSBT 11 (2004) - MPWS 3
01 - Draft Agenda of 3rd MPWS (12.81 KB)
02 - List of Participants of 3rd MPWS (71.5 KB)
03 - Draft List of Documents of 3rd MPWS (19.09 KB)
04 - (Australia) Comparison of the performance of tuned candidate management procedures for southern bluefin tuna based on the final trial specifications and testing procedures.: T. Polacheck, P. Eveson, J. Hartog, M. Basson, and D. Kolody (805.76 KB)
05 - (Australia) Discussion of scientific issues related to metarules and the implementations of a management procedure for southern bluefin tuna.: M. Basson, T. Polacheck and D. Kolody (75.28 KB)
06 - (Japan) Application of variants of a fox-model based MP to the “Christchurch” SBT trials.: D.S. Butterworth & M. Mori (419.89 KB)
07 - (Taiwan) Selection of the decision rules of management procedures for southern bluefin tuna.: Chin-Hwa Sun (310.01 KB)
08 - (Japan) Behaviors of CPUE-based management procedures examined through the CCSBT final trial specifications.: K. Hiramatsu, H. Kurota, H. Shono and N. Takahashi (3.25 MB)
09 - (Japan) Trials of Fox-model based management procedures with TAC adjustment by recruitment information.: N. Takahashi, M. Mori, S. Tsuji and D. Butterworth (199.73 KB)
10 - (Japan) Considerations toward choosing appropriate management procedures.: S. Tsuji, K. Hiramatsu, H. Kurota, N. Takahashi and H. Shono (131.57 KB)
11 - (Korea) Consideration of decision rules based on the feedback from Korean tuna industry.: Dae-Yeon Moon, Jeong-Rack Koh, and Soon-Song Kim (12.85 KB)
Translated abstracts (和文) (32.5 KB)