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CCSBT 20 (2013) - ERSWG 10

CCSBT 20 (2013) - ERSWG 10
01 - Provisional Agenda (48.75 KB)
02 - List of Participants (Draft 7) (44 KB)
03 - List of Documents (Draft 13) (62.5 KB)
04 - (Secretariat) Relevant Tuna RFMO Measures Concerning Incidental Catches of Ecologically Related Species (734.41 KB)
05 - (Secretariat) Tuna RFMO Responses to ERSWG9’s offer to lead global work on assessment of the impacts of fishing for tunas on seabirds and porbeagle sharks (735.19 KB)
06 - (Secretariat) Correspondence with IOSEA – Turtles (1.57 MB)
07 - (Secretariat) Review of the ERSWG Data Exchange Process (Rev.1) (48.32 KB)
08 - (Secretariat) Development of a Set of Minimum Requirements for Observer Data (655.97 KB)
09 - (Australia) Draft working paper on reducing the incidental bycatch of seabirds in longline fisheries (676.01 KB)
10 - (Australia) Draft working paper to mitigate the impact on ecologically related species of fishing for southern bluefin tuna (624.52 KB)
11 - (Australia) Summary of the status of key shark species in tuna RFMOs (1.61 MB)
12 - (Japan) Estimation of incidental catch of seabirds in the Japanese southern bluefin tuna longline fishery in 2011-2012 (215.77 KB)
13 - (Japan) Preliminary results examining factors affecting bycatch of black-browed albatross and wandering albatross: relationship between distribution probability and bycatch probability (Rev.1) (999.43 KB)
14 - (Japan) Review of Japanese catch, effort and size data of porbeagle in the southern hemisphere (1.14 MB)
15 - (ACAP) An Update on the Status and Trends of Albatrosses and Petrels Listed Under Annex 1 of the ACAP Agreement (1.07 MB)
16 - (ACAP) Review of Seabird Bycatch Mitigation Measures for Pelagic Longline Fisheries (821.32 KB)
17 - (Birdlife International) Preliminary identification of minimum elements to review the effectiveness of seabird bycatch mitigation regulation in tuna RFMOs (Rev.1) (705.42 KB)
18 - (New Zealand) Ecological Risk Assessment for seabird interactions in surface longline fisheries managed under the Convention for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (6.99 MB)
19 - (New Zealand) A brief note on future porbeagle shark research (40.95 KB)
20 - (New Zealand) Risk of commercial fisheries to New Zealand seabird populations (2.57 MB)
21 - (New Zealand) Risk of commercial fisheries to New Zealand seabird populations: Supplementary information (1.93 MB)
22 - (New Zealand) A brief note on future seabird risk assessment research (39.94 KB)
Annual Report_Australia (2.67 MB)
Annual Report_Taiwan (Rev1) (918.49 KB)
Annual Report_Indonesia (830.41 KB)
Annual Report_Japan (Rev.1) (645.03 KB)
Annual Report_New Zealand (973.66 KB)
Annual Report_Korea (784.53 KB)
Annual Report_EU (757.74 KB)
Annual Report_South Africa (551.79 KB)
Info 01 - (Secretariat) Updated CCSBT ERS Pamphlets (3.48 MB)
Info 02 - (Australia) New branch line weighting regimes to reduce the risk of seabird mortality in pelagic longline fisheries without affecting fish catch (770.31 KB)
Info 03 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2011-2012 (671.45 KB)
Info 04 - (ACAP) Electronic Monitoring of Seabird Bycatch (596.58 KB)
Info 05 - (ACAP) Progress Report on the Development of a Seabird Identification Guide for use by tRFMOs (2.5 MB)
Info 06 - (New Zealand) National Plan of Action to reduce the incidental catch of seabirds in New Zealand Fisheries 2013 (2.56 MB)
Info 07 - (New Zealand) Application of Potential Biological Removal methods to seabird populations (6.5 MB)
Info 08 - (Submitted by Secretariat) Ecological Risk Assessment and Productivity – Susceptibility Analysis of sea turtles overlapping with fisheries in the IOTC region. Unpublished Report to IOTC and IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU. (7.29 MB)
Info 09 -(HSI) A Compendium of Conservation and Management Measures to address the impacts of species bycatch in tuna RFMOs (1.06 MB)
Info 10 - (TRAFFIC) Into The Deep: Implementing CITES Measures for Commercially - Valuable Sharks and Manta Rays (2.35 MB)
Info 11 - (Submitted by ERSWG Chair) KOBE III Bycatch Joint Technical Working Group: Harmonisation of Purse-seine Data Collected by Tuna-RFMO Observer Programmes (1.04 MB)
Info 12 - (Submitted by ERSWG Chair) Progress on Kobe III bycatch Technical Working Group (1.76 MB)
Info 13 - (Japan) Distribution and trend in abundance of the porbeagle (Lamna nasus) in the southern hemiphere (2.79 MB)
会合文書の概要(日本語訳)(ドラフト2) (355.84 KB)
会合文書の概要(日本語訳)(ドラフト2)(追加分) (56.26 KB)