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CCSBT 16 (2009) - ESC of SC 14

CCSBT 16 (2009) - ESC of SC 14
01 - Draft Agenda (22.48 KB)
02 - List of Participants (44.11 KB)
03 - List of Documents (16.06 KB)
04 - (Secretariat) Secretariat Review of Catches (ESC agenda item 4.2) (80.69 KB)
05 - (Secretariat) Surface Fishery Tagging Program – an update (910.35 KB)
06 - (Secretariat) Data Exchange (ESC agenda item 11.1) (77.23 KB)
07 - (Australia) Preparation of Australia's southern bluefin tuna catch and effort data submission for 2009. Hobsbawn, P.I., Sahlqvist, P. (1.45 MB)
08 - (Australia) Fishery indicators for the southern bluefin tuna stock 2008-09. Phillips, K. (693.22 KB)
09 - (Australia) Japanese market update 2009. Phillips, K., Begg, G. (420.25 KB)
10 - (Australia) Conditioning of the southern bluefin tuna operating model and constant catch projections. Giannini, F., Eveson, P., Davies, C., Barnes, B., Hillary, R., Begg, G. (1.01 MB)
11 - (Australia) Converting stereo-video length measurements to weight estimates for Australia's surface fishery. Humphries, J., Phillips, K., Rodriguez, V., Begg, G. (900.65 KB)
12 - (Australia) The aerial survey index of abundance: updated analysis methods and results. Eveson, P., Farley, J., Bravington, M. (262.89 KB)
13 - (Australia) Commercial spotting in the Australian surface fishery, updated to include the 2008/9 fishing season. Basson, M., Farley, J. (554.98 KB)
14 - (Australia) An update on Australian otolith collection activities, direct ageing and length-at-age in the Australian surface fishery. Farley, J., Clear, N. (42.81 KB)
15 - (Australia) Update on the length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch. Farley, J., Andamari, Proctor, C. (351.62 KB)
16 - (Australia) Current and future monitoring of Indonesia’s Indian Ocean tuna fishery and SBT catch – Discussion paper. B. Iskandar Prisantoso, R. Andamari, C. Proctor, C. Davies, J. Farley (102.71 KB)
18 - (Australia) Estimates of reporting rates from the Australian surface fishery based on previous tag seeding experiments and tag seeding activities in 2008/2009. Hearn, Eveson, P. (181.25 KB)
19 - (Australia) Updated analyses of tag return data from the CCSBT SRP tagging program. Eveson, P. (165.55 KB)
20 - (Australia) Summary of revisions to the tagging likelihood component of the CCSBT operating model. Eveson, P. (60.63 KB)
21 - (Australia) Update on the close-kin genetics project for estimating the absolute spawning stock size of SBT. Bravington, M., Grewe, P., Davies, C. (92.71 KB)
22 - (Australia) Further consideration of the potential for management procedures for SBT based on fishery independent indicators - short-term options using relative indices from the aerial survey and conventional tagging. Hillary, R., et. al. (111.61 KB)
24 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2008/2009 (Osamu Sakai, Tomoyuki Itoh, Shinichi Tashiro and Toshiyuki Tanabe) (278.68 KB)
25 - (Japan) Activities of otolith collection and age estimation and analysis of the age data by Japan in 2008. (Tomoyuki Itoh, Osamu Sakai, Akio Hirai and Kenichiro Omote) (120.27 KB)
26 - (Japan) Report of activities for conventional and archival tagging and recapture of southern bluefin tuna by Japan in 2008/2009 (Osamu Sakai and Tomoyuki Itoh) (81.02 KB)
27 - (Japan) Summary of Fisheries Indicators in 2009 (Norio Takahashi and Tomoyuki Itoh) (256.77 KB)
28 - (Japan) Change in operation pattern of Japanese SBT longliners in 2008 resulting from the introduction of the individual quota system in 2006. (Tomoyuki Itoh) (193.24 KB)
29 - (Japan) Follow-up analysis on age composition of southern bluefin tuna used for farming in 2007. (Tomoyuki Itoh, Takaaki Sakamoto and Takahisa Yamamoto) (290.67 KB)
30 - (Japan) Analysis of age composition of southern bluefin tuna used for farming in 2008. (Tomoyuki Itoh, Takaaki Sakamoto and Takahisa Yamamoto) (284.57 KB)
31 - (Japan) Estimation of growth in farmed southern bluefin tuna using the CCSBT conventional tagging data (Osamu Sakai, Tomoyuki Itoh and Takaaki Sakamoto) (461.62 KB)
32 - (Japan) Report of the piston-line trolling survey in 2008/2009. (Tomoyuki Itoh and Osamu Sakai) (356.97 KB)
34 - (Japan) A preliminary analysis of acoustic tagging data for estimating the possibility of double counting same fish schools in recruitment monitoring survey by trolling (Ryo Kawabe, et. al.) (395.29 KB)
35 - (Japan) Distribution of southern bluefin tuna in Western Australia. (Tomoyuki Itoh and Osamu Sakai) (492.92 KB)
36 - (Japan) Proposal for the recruitment monitoring survey in 2009/2010. (Tomoyuki ITOH, Osamu SAKAI, Ryo KAWABE, and Alistair J. HOBDAY) (90.61 KB)
37 - (Japan) Report of the 2008/2009 RMA utilization and application for the 2009/2010 RMA. (Fisheries Agency of Japan) (47.84 KB)
38 - (Australia) Update on the global spatial dynamics archival tagging project - 2009. Basson, M., Eveson, P., Hobday, A., West (431.48 KB)
39 - (Japan) Examination of the SBT operating model to inform conditioning and projection specifications. (Hiroyuki Kurota, Osamu Sakai, and Doug S Butterworth) (14.64 MB)
40 - (Australia) Re-conditioning of the CCSBT Operating Model: exploration of revised natural mortality and interaction with steepness. Paige Eveson, Campbell Davies (334.23 KB)
42 - (Australia) Proposed use of CCSBT Research Mortality Allowance to facilitate electronic and genetic tagging of SBT as part of Australia’s contributions to scientific research in 2009-10. Karen Evans (265.35 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia's 2007-08 southern bluefin tuna fishing season. Hobsbawn, P.I., Phillips, K., Begg, G. (499.92 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2008 (Osamu Sakai, Tomoyuki Itoh and Takaaki Sakamoto) (3.22 MB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - Annual Review of National SBT Fisheries for the Scientific Committee. New Zealand 2009 (1.19 MB)
SBT Fisheries (Taiwan) - Review of Taiwan SBT Fishery of 2007/2008 (638.43 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Korea) - Review of Korean SBT Fishery of 2007~2009 (540.84 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Indonesia) - The Catch of SBT by the Indonesian Longline Fishery Operating Out of Benoa, Bali in 2008 (1.34 MB)
BGD 01 - (Japan) Analysis on age composition of southern bluefin tuna used for farming (Tomoyuki Itoh and Takaaki Sakamoto) (420.86 KB)
Translated abstracts (和文) (187.09 KB)