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CCSBT 17 (2010) - ESC of SC 15

CCSBT 17 (2010) - ESC of SC 15
01 - Draft Agenda (21.94 KB)
02 - List of Participants (46.23 KB)
03 - List of Documents (40.31 KB)
04 - (Secretariat) Secretariat Review of Catches (ESC agenda item 4.2) (76.54 KB)
05 - (Secretariat) Surface Fishery Tagging Program – an update (2.21 MB)
06 - (Secretariat) Data Exchange (ESC agenda item 12.3) (71.05 KB)
07 - (Secretariat) Data Confidentiality Rules and Arrangements (ESC agenda item 12.1) (235.52 KB)
08 - (Australia) Preparation of Australia’s southern bluefin tuna catch and effort data submission for 2010. Hobsbawn, P.I., Sahlqvist, P. (1.04 MB)
10 - (Australia) Updated technical specifications and performance analyses for the BREM(Biomass Random Effect Model) suite of candidate management procedures. Hillary, R., Eveson, P., Basson, M., Davies C. (510.79 KB)
11 - (Australia) Results of the performance of the BREM suite of candidate management procedures. Hillary, R., Giannini, F., Eveson, P., Basson, M., Davies, C., Barnes, B., Begg, G. (374.02 KB)
12 - (Australia) Consideration of metarules for use with the newly developed MPs. Davies, C., Hillary, R., Basson, M. (206.46 KB)
13 - (Australia) Data and information requirements for management procedure implementation. Begg, G., Giannini, F., Patterson, H. (620.05 KB)
14 - (Australia) The aerial survey index of abundance: updated analysis methods and results for 2009/10 fishing season. Eveson, P., Farley, J., Bravington, M. (246.22 KB)
15 - (Australia) Commercial spotting in the Australian surface fishery, updated to include the 2009/10 fishing season. Farley, J., Basson, M. (531.09 KB)
16 - (Australia) An update on Australian otolith collection activities, direct ageing and length at age keys for the Australian surface fishery. Farley, J., Eveson, P., Clear, N. (92.23 KB)
17 - (Australia) Update on the length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch. Farley, J., Andamari, R., Proctor, C. (268.79 KB)
18 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2009/2010. Osamu Sakai, Tomoyuki Itoh, Yuujirou Akatsuka and Toshiyuki Tanabe (211.63 KB)
19 - (Japan) Report of activities for conventional and archival tagging and recapture of southern bluefin tuna by Japan in 2009/2010. Osamu Sakai and Tomoyuki Itoh (353.22 KB)
20 - (Japan) Activities of otolith collection and age estimation and analysis of the age data by Japan in 2009. Tomoyuki Itoh, Osamu Sakai, Akio Hirai and Kenichiro Omote (122.45 KB)
21 - (Japan) Analysis of age composition of southern bluefin tuna used for farming in 2009. Tomoyuki Itoh, Tetsuya Kawashima and Takahisa Yamamoto (272.1 KB)
22 - (Japan) Further evaluation of empirical management procedures based on longline CPUE index and aerial survey index. Hiroyuki Kurota, Ko Fujioka, Osamu Sakai, Norio Takahashi, and Doug S Butterworth (5.52 MB)
23 - (Japan) Summary of Fisheries Indicators in 2010. Norio Takahashi and Tomoyuki Itoh (276.38 KB)
24 - (Japan) CPUE standardization for MP input. Tomoyuki Itoh and Norio Takahashi (233.24 KB)
24 - (Japan) CPUE standardization for MP input. Tomoyuki Itoh and Norio Takahashi - POWER POINT (266 KB)
25 - (Japan) Report of the piston-line trolling survey in 2009/2010. Tomoyuki Itoh and Osamu Sakai (189.35 KB)
26 - (Japan) Preliminary report on west-to-south movement rate of juvenile southern bluefin tuna determined by acoustic tagging in Western Australia 2009-10. Ryo Kawabe, Alistair J. Hobday, Tomoyuki Itoh, Ko Fujioka, Osamu Sakai and Yoshimi Takao (516.5 KB)
27 - (Japan) Proposal for the recruitment monitoring survey in 2010/2011. Tomoyuki Itoh, Osamu Sakai, Ryo Kawabe and Alistair J. Hobday (91.69 KB)
28 - (Japan) Report of the 2008/2009 RMA utilization and application for the 2010/2011 RMA. Fisheries Agency of Japan, Government of Japan (47.97 KB)
29 - (Panel) What might be learned for Management Procedure purposes from a simple Moment based and Kalman Filter tuned model of the SBT. John Pope (89.24 KB)
30 - (Australia) Scoping study for the development of a CCSBT Regional Observer Program (ROP). Kirby DS, Begg G. (360.37 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia’s 2008-09 southern bluefin tuna fishing season. Hobsbawn, P.I., Patterson, H., Begg, G. (939.81 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Indonesia) - Indonesia Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery (245.71 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2009. Osamu Sakai, Tomoyuki Itoh and Tetsuya Kawashima (2.46 MB)
SBT Fisheries (Korea) - Review of Korean SBT Fishery of 2009 (423.72 KB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - Annual Review of National SBT Fisheries for the Scientific Committee, New Zealand, 2010 (322.15 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Taiwan) - Review of Taiwan SBT Fishery of 2008/2009 (871.05 KB)
BGD 01 - (Japan) Change in operation pattern of Japanese SBT longliners in 2009 resulting from the introduction of the individual quota system in 2006. Tomoyuki Itoh (Originally CCSBT-OMMP/1006/09) (316.55 KB)
BGD 02 - (Australia) Updated analyses of tag return data from the CCSBT SRP tagging program. Eveson P, Polacheck T. (2009) (Originally CCSBT-ESC/0909/19) (873.66 KB)
INFO 01 - (Secretariat) Report of the Joint Tuna RFMOs Meeting of Experts to Share Best Practise on the Provision of Scientific Advice (748.36 KB)
INFO 02 - (Australia) Update on the close-kin genetics project for estimating the absolute spawning stock size of SBT. Bravington, M., Grewe, P., Davies, C. (141.25 KB)
INFO 03 - (Australia) Update on the global spatial dynamics archival tagging project - 2010. Basson, M., Eveson, P., Hobday, A., Landsdell, M. (182.05 KB)
Translated abstracts (185.42 KB)