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CCSBT 14 (2007) - ESC of SC 12 (and SAG 8)

CCSBT 14 (2007) - ESC of SC 12 (and SAG 8)
01 - Draft Agenda of the 8th SAG (40.5 KB)
02 - List of Participants of the 8th SAG (21.55 KB)
03 - Draft Agenda of the Extended SC for the 12th SC (44.5 KB)
04 - List of Participants of the 12th SC and Extended SC (21.6 KB)
05 - List of Documents - The Extended SC for the 12th SC & 8th SAG (76 KB)
08 - (Secretariat) 11. Data Exchange (134.27 KB)
09 - (Australia) The catch of SBT by the Indonesian longline fishery operating out of Benoa, Bali in 2006: Proctor, C., Andamari, R., Retnowati, D., Iskandar Prisantoso, B., Poisson, F., Herrera, M. and Fujiwara, S. (490.04 KB)
10 - (Australia) Update on the length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch: Farley, J., Andamari, R. and Proctor, C. (228.46 KB)
11 - (Australia) An update on Australian Otolith Collection Activities: 2006/07: Stanley, C., Clear, N. and Polacheck, T. (108.6 KB)
12 - (Australia) Aerial Survey: updated index of abundance and preliminary results from calibration experiment: Eveson, P., Bravington, M. and Farley, J. (354.27 KB)
13 - (Australia) Commercial spotting in the Australian surface fishery, updated to include the 2006/7 fishing season: Farley, J. and Basson, M. (924.49 KB)
15 - (Australia) An update on the use of the Indonesian Fishery school dataset to obtain a standardised CPUE series for SBT on the spawning grounds: Basson, M., Andamari, R., Sadiyah, L. and Proctor, C. (164.23 KB)
16 - (Australia) A review of the Commission's Scientific Research Program, and considerations of current priorities and ways forward: Davies, C., Preece, A. and Basson, M. (311.16 KB)
17 - (Australia) The management procedure: options for ways forward: Basson, M., Polacheck, T. and Davies, C. (232.37 KB)
18 - (Australia) A method for estimating the absolute spawning stock size of SBT, using close-kin genetics: Bravington, M. and Grewe, P. (259.02 KB)
19 - (Australia) Analyses of tag return data from the CCSBT SRP tagging program - 2007: Polacheck, T. and Eveson, P. (1.71 MB)
20 - (Australia) Update on the Global Spatial Dynamics archival tagging project - 2007: Polacheck,T., Chang, K.S., Hobday. A., and West, G. (43.74 KB)
21 - (Australia) Estimates of reporting rate from the Australian surface fishery based on previous tag seeding experiments and tag seeding activities in 2006/2007: Hearn, B., Polacheck, T. and Stanley, S. and Rowlands, M. (507.57 KB)
22 - (Australia) Proposed use of CCSBT Research Mortality Allowance to facilitate electronic tagging of adult SBT as part of Australia’s contributions to the CCSBT SRP in 2007-08: Evans, K. (25.63 KB)
23 - (Australia) Update and summary of SRP-related work conducted by Australia over the period 2001-2007: Basson, M. and Evans, K. (105.35 KB)
24 - (Australia) Tuna farm monitoring review: Mediterranean, Mexico and Australia: Sands, A., Hender, J. (399.57 KB)
25 - (Australia) Genetic identification of SBT: Findlay, J. (99.76 KB)
27 - (Australia) Preparation of the BRS component of Australia’s data submission for 2007: Hobsbawn, P. (2.27 MB)
28 - (Australia) Assessing operational feasibility of stereo video and Evaluating monitoring options for the SBTF Farm Sector: Hender, J., Murphy, R. (1.43 MB)
29 - (Australia) Preliminary investigation into the Australian surface fishery CPUE data: Hender, J., Lawrence, E. (650.61 KB)
31 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2006/2007: Osamu SAKAI, Tomoyuki ITOH, Yukito NARISAWA and Toshiyuki TANABE (171.88 KB)
32 - (Japan) Activities of otolith collection and age estimation and analysis of the age data by Japan in 2006: Tomoyuki ITOH, Akio HIRAI and Kenichiro OMOTE (246.02 KB)
33 - (Japan) Report of activities for conventional and archival tagging and recapture of southern bluefin tuna by Japan in 2006/2007: Osamu SAKAI, Tomoyuki ITOH and Shungo OSHITANI (108.81 KB)
34 - (Japan) Report on the piston-line trolling survey in 2006/2007: Tomoyuki ITOH and Osamu SAKAI (232.89 KB)
35 - (Japan) Some examination on the recruitment index of age 1 southern bluefin tuna derived from the trolling survey: Tomoyuki ITOH (211.12 KB)
36 - (Japan) The effect of the spatial and temporal distribution of juvenile SBT on acoustic and trolling survey abundance estimates.: R. Kawabe, K. Fujioka, A. Hobday, Y, Takao, K. Miyashita and T. Itoh (272.19 KB)
37 - (Japan) Proposal for the recruitment monitoring trolling survey in 2007/2008: Tomoyuki ITOH and Osamu SAKI (111.94 KB)
38 - (Japan) Summary of Fisheries Indicators in 2007: Norio TAKAHASHI and Tomoyuki ITOH (309.03 KB)
39 - (Japan) Change in operation pattern of Japanese SBT longliners in 2007 resulting the enforce of the individual quota system: Tomoyuki ITOH (191.31 KB)
41 - (Japan) Review of CCSBT Scientific Research Program: Tomoyuki ITOH, Hiroyuki Kurota and Norio Takahashi (212.37 KB)
42 - (Japan) Report of the 2006/2007 RMA utilization and application for the 2007/2008 RMA: Fisheries Agency of Japan (53.38 KB)
43 - (Japan) Migration paths for juvenile southern bluefin tuna in southern Western Australia determined via acoustic monitoring . summary of 2003-2007 experiments: Hobday, Alistair J., Kawabe, Ryo., Takao, Yoshimi, Miyashita, Kazushi, and Itoh, Tomoyuki (656.14 KB)
44 - (Japan) Proposal: Proportion of juvenile southern bluefin tuna moving into southern Western Australia - implications for fishery-independent assessment: Hobday, Alistair J., Kawabe, Ryo., Takao, Yoshimi, Miyashita, Kazushi, and Itoh, Tomoyuki (186.88 KB)
45 - (Taiwan) Taiwanese otolith collection and otolith direct ageing (185.91 KB)
46 - (Japan) Further investigation of the difference in two datasets raised by the second CPUE modeling workshop, used for CPUE analyses of SBT: Shono, H., and T. Itoh (617.53 KB)
Translated abstracts (和文) (106 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia’s 2005-06 Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishing Season, Hobsbawn, P. Hender, J., Findlay, J., McLoughlin, K. (723.95 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2006: Osamu SAKAI, Tomoyuki ITOH and Yukito NARISAWA (1.35 MB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - The New Zealand southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2006 (204.36 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Taiwan) - Review of Taiwanese SBT Fishery of 2005/2006 (535.55 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Korea) - Review of Korean SBT Fishery of 2005/2006: Doo-Hae An, Seon-Jae Hwang, Dae-Yeon Moon, and Soon-Song Kim (79.59 KB)
INFO 01 - (Australia) Movements and behaviour of large SBT in the Tasman Sea and Indian Ocean regions determined using pop-up archival satellite tags: a summary of results for 2006-07.: Evans, K. and Patterson, T (686.4 KB)
INFO 04 - Ocean: Sadiyah, L., Andamari, R., Iskandar Prisantoso, B., Retnowati, D., and Proctor, C (300.54 KB)
INFO 05 - (Australia) Southern Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture Subprogram: Tuna Environment Subproject: Evaluation of Waste Composition and Waste Mitigation.: Fernandes, M., Lauer, P., Cheshire, A., Svane, I., Putro, S., Mount, G., Angove, M., Sedawie, T., Tanne (3.95 MB)
INFO 06 - (Australia) Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) Aquaculture Environmental Monitoring Program 2005.: Loo, M., Ophel-Keller, K., McKay, A., Drabsch, S., Hartley, D. Cheshire, A. (834.03 KB)