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CCSBT 12 (2005) - ESC of SC 10 (and SAG 6)

CCSBT 12 (2005) - ESC of SC 10 (and SAG 6)
01 - Draft Agenda of 6th SAG (20.66 KB)
02 - List of Participants of 6th SAG (111 KB)
03 - Draft Agenda of the Extended SC for 10th SC (15.46 KB)
04 - List of Participants of the 10th SC and Extended SC (131 KB)
05 - List of Documents - The Extended SC for 10th SC & 6th SAG (66 KB)
06 - (Secretariat) 4. Review of SBT Fisheries (230.57 KB)
07 - (Secretariat) 7.1. Characterisation of SBT Catch (43.06 KB)
08 - (Secretariat) 7.4. SBT Tagging Program (188.64 KB)
09 - (Secretariat) 8. Data Exchange (76.68 KB)
10 - (Secretariat) 9. Indonesian Catch Monitoring (128.12 KB)
11 - (Secretariat) Catch calculations for the management procedure (71.94 KB)
12 - (New Zealand) Catch at age of Southern bluefin tuna in the New Zealand longline fishery, 2001-2004.: K. Krusic-Golub (476.64 KB)
13 - (New Zealand) Preparation of New Zealand catch and effort data for the CCSBT data exchange.: S. Harley, T. Murray, and L. Griggs (85.58 KB)
14 - (Panel) Performance of the final candidate management procedures selected at the 4th Management Procedure Workshop.: Branch, T.A. and A.M. Parma (788.09 KB)
15 - (Australia) The catch of SBT by the Indonesian longline fishery operating out of Benoa, Bali in 2003.: R. Andamari, T.L.O. Davis, B. Iskandar, D. Rentowati, M. Herrera, C.H. Proctor and S. Fujiwara (154.89 KB)
16 - (Australia) Update on the length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch on the spawning ground.: Farley, J.H. and Davis, T.L.O. (356.9 KB)
17 - (Australia) Indonesian fishery school data on Southern Bluefin tuna: summary and preliminary analyses.: M. Basson, D. Bromhead, T.L.O. Davis, R. Andamari, G.S. Mertha and C. Proctor (194.4 KB)
18 - (Australia) An update on Australian Otolith Collection Activities: 2003/04.: Stanley, C. & Polacheck, T. (67.42 KB)
19 - (Australia) Estimates of proportions at age in the Australian surface fishery catch from otolith ageing and size frequency data.: M. Basson, M. Bravington, S. Peel and J. Farley (258.05 KB)
20 - (Australia) Tag Seeding Activities in 2004/2005 and Preliminary estimates of reporting rate from the Australian surface fishery based on previous tag seeding experiments.: Tom Polacheck and Clive Stanley (192.5 KB)
21 - (Australia) Initial analyses of tag return data from the CCSBT SRP tagging program.: T. Polacheck, P. Eveson (338.13 KB)
22 - (Australia) The Aerial survey indicex of abundance, updated to include the 2005 survey.: M. Bravington, P.Eveson, J. Farley (217.62 KB)
23 - (Australia) Commercial spotting in the Australian surface fishery, updated to include the 2004/5 fishing season.: M. Basson, J. Farley (568.57 KB)
24 - (Australia) Trends in catch, effort and nominal catch rates in the Japanese longline fishery for SBT-2005 update.: Hartog, J., T. Polacheck and S. Cooper (1.17 MB)
25 - (Australia) Fishery indicators for the SBT stock 2004/05.: D. Kolody, J. Hartog, M. Basson and T. Polacheck (249.28 KB)
26 - (Australia) Proposal for continued monitoring of southern bluefin tuna recruitment via aerial survey of juveniles in the Great Australian Bight.: C.R. Davies, J. Farley, P. Eveson, M. Basson, M. Bravington (26.72 KB)
27 - (Australia) A Proposal for Multi-lateral Co-ordination and Co-Operation in Electronic Tag Deployment under the CCSBT Scientific Research Programme.: T. Polacheck, J. Gunn and A. Hobday (35.31 KB)
28 - (Australia) Post-processing of data from the 2005 data exchange.: A. Preece, S. Cooper (42.37 KB)
29 - (Australia) Movement and residency of adult SBT in the Tasman Sea and on their spawning grounds south of Indonesia using pop-up archival tags: a summary of results for 2004.: T. Patterson, J. Gunn, K. Evans, T. Carter (730.11 KB)
30 - (Australia/Taiwan) Update on the Global Spatial dynamics Archival Tagging project.: T. Polacheck, S.K. Chang, Chien-Ho Liu, A. Hobday. G. West, J. Gunn (192.07 KB)
31 - (Australia) Proposal for work requiring RMA/SRP allowance.: T. Polacheck, J. Gunn (18.21 KB)
32 - (Australia) Updated estimates of growth rates for juvenile SBT using tag-recapture and otolith direct ageing data up to 2005.: P. Eveson, T. Polacheck and J. Farley (122.43 KB)
33 - (Taiwan) Age and size composition of southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) caught by Taiwanese longliners in the central Indian Ocean.: J.C. Shiao, W.N. Tzeng, Y.T. Lin and S.K. Chang (137.52 KB)
34 - (Taiwan) Tracing the life history of southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) using otolith chemical fingerprints.: C.H. Wang, Y.T. Lin, J.C. Shiao, C.F. You, Y. Iizuka, S.K. Chang and W.N. Tzeng (306.26 KB)
35 - (Taiwan) A preliminary study on the stomach content of southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii caught by Taiwanese longliner in the central Indian Ocean.: K.M. Liu, W.K. Chen, S.J. Joung and S.K.Chang (267.14 KB)
36 - (Taiwan) Investigation on Taiwanese longline fishing condition of Southern Bluefin Tuna in the Central Indian Ocean and its relationship with ocean temperature variability.: H.J. Lu, K.T. Lee, S.C. Kao, C.H. Cheng and S.K. Chang (2.05 MB)
37 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2004.: T. Itoh and K. Miyauchi (41.48 KB)
38 - (Japan) Review of recruitment indices obtained from the Recruitment Monitoring Program.: T. Itoh and S. Tsuji (31.4 KB)
39 - (Japan) Summary of fisheries indicators in 2005.: N. Takahashi, T. and S. Tsuji (197.27 KB)
40 - (Japan) Comparison among various recruitment indices.: S. Tsuji (68.39 KB)
41 - (Japan) Report of the 2004/2005 RMA utilization and application for the 2005/2006 RMA.: Fisheries Agency of Japan (15.68 KB)
42 - (Australia) Metarules: update of status of a “Metarule Process” document.: M. Basson, T. Polacheck (15.15 KB)
43 - (Secretariat) Intersessional Discussion on Management Procedure Implementation Issues (40.4 KB)
44 - (Japan) Consideration on metarules, implementation issues and MP performance monitoring.: Hiroyuki KUROTA, Norio TAKAHASHI and Sachiko TSUJI (58.48 KB)
45 - (Japan) Preliminary analysis on effect of changes in fishing pattern on CPUE.: Norio TAKAHASHI (207.29 KB)
46 - (Japan) Possible application of finite normal mixture distribution with a structural model to estimate SBT catch composition from otolith direct aging data.: Hiroshi SHONO and Tomoyuki ITOH (60.81 KB)
47 - (Japan) Quick consideration toward future Scientific Research Program under the CCSBT and preferable management actions under low recruitments.: Sachiko TSUJI (34.82 KB)
Translated abstracts (和文) (147.91 KB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - The New Zealand southern bluefin tune fishery in 2004.: T. Kendrick, T. Murray, S. Harley, and A. Hore (231.53 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Taiwan) - Review of Taiwanese SBT Fishery of 2003/2004 (883.59 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia CCSBT Season Report (955.32 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2004. T. Itoh and K. Miyauchi (794.17 KB)
INFO 01 - (Australia) Investigating the timing of annual growth zones in otoliths of southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii).: Naomi P. Clear, J. Paige Eveson and Tom Polacheck. Appendix 11 of Final Report for FRDC Project 1999/104 (547.34 KB)
INFO 03 - (Australia) Estimation of mortality rates and abundance for southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) using tag-return and catch data from 1991 to 1997.: J. Paige Eveson, Tom Polacheck and Geoff M. Laslett. Appendix 15 of FRDC Project No. 2002/01 (599.98 KB)
INFO 04 - (Japan) Proceedings of SBT Recruitment Monitoring Review Workshop: The role and constraints of scientific monitoring for stock management - brain storming using southern bluefin tuna experiences as an example (157.56 KB)
INFO 05 - (Japan) Southern bluefin tuna recruitment monitoring and tagging program (94.2 KB)