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CCSBT 10 (2003) - MPWS 2

CCSBT 10 (2003) - MPWS 2
01 - Draft Agenda of 2nd MPWS (51 KB)
02 - Draft Agenda of the Industry Consultation for 2nd MPWS (31.5 KB)
03 - List of Participants of 2nd MPWS (70.5 KB)
04 - List of Documents of 2nd MPWS (42.5 KB)
05 - (Australia) An Overview of Potential Graphical for Evaluating the Performance of Candidate Management Procedures for Southern Bluefin Tuna. P.Eveson and D. Ricard (183.73 KB)
06 - (Australia) Results from Initial Testing of Some Candidate Management Procedures for Southern Bluefin Tuna. T. Polacheck, D. Ricard, P. Eveson, M. Basson and D. Kolody (1.67 MB)
07 - (Australia) The Behaviour and Fit of Alternative Operating Model Specification for Testing the Performance of Southern Bluefin Tuna Candidate Management Procedures. T. Polacheck and D. Kolody (2.65 MB)
08 - (Australia) Synthesising Performance of Candidate Management Procedures Across Different Operating Model Scenarios. T. Polacheck and D. Kolody (177.25 KB)
09 - (Australia) Additional comments on Operating Model Specifications for Evaluation of SBT Management Procedures. D. Kolody and T. Polacheck (188.29 KB)
10 - (Australia) SCALIA Simulation-Estimation Study Results Relevant to the CCSBT Management Procedures Development. D. Kolody and P. Jumpannen (326.44 KB)
11 - (Japan) Results of the first exploration of potential Management Procedures based on the CPUE index. S.Tsuji, H.Kurota, N.Takahashi, H.Shono, T.Itoh and K.Hiramatsu, (738.73 KB)
12 - (Japan) Some initial investigations of possible Management Procedures for SBT based upon age-aggregated production models. D.S.Butterworth and M.Mori. (466.78 KB)
13 - (Fishing Entity of Taiwan) The first stage trial of performance statistics of initial candidate management procedures for southern bluefin tuna of CCSBT. S.H.Wang, M.H.Chen, C.L.Kuo. (80.21 KB)
14 - (Advisory Panel) Management Prodecures for SBT (69.5 KB)
15 - (Advisory Panel) Overview of Progress with Management Procedures (248.5 KB)
INFO 01 - (Australia) Estimating relative per capita SBT egg production as a replacement for SSB (549.91 KB)