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CCSBT 13 (2006) - ESC of SC 11 (and SAG 7)

CCSBT 13 (2006) - ESC of SC 11 (and SAG 7)
01 - Draft Agenda of 7th SAG (34.5 KB)
02 - List of Participants of 7th SAG (89.5 KB)
03 - Draft Agenda of the Extended SC for 11th SC (27 KB)
04 - List of Participants of the 11th SC and Extended SC (88.5 KB)
05 - List of Documents - The Extended SC for 11th SC & 7th SAG (69.5 KB)
07 - (Secretariat) 6.4. SBT Tagging Program (469.91 KB)
08 - (Secretariat) 7. Data Exchange (127.84 KB)
10 - (Australia) The catch of SBT by the Indonesian longline fishery operating out of Benoa, Bali in 2005: Proctor, Andamari, Retnowati, Herrera, Poisson, Fujiwara and Davis (280.09 KB)
11 - (Australia) Update on the length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch: Farley, Proctor and Davis (347.98 KB)
12 - (Australia) An update on Australian Otolith Collection Activities: 2005/06: Stanley and Polacheck (150.7 KB)
13 - (Australia) Estimates of proportions at age in the Australian surface fishery catch from otolith ageing and size frequency data: Farley (306.23 KB)
14 - (Australia) Estimates of reporting rate from the Australian surface fishery based on previous tag seeding experiments and tag seeding activities in 2005/2006: Polacheck, Hearn, Stanley and Rowlands (441.21 KB)
15 - (Australia) Analysis of tag return data from the CCSBT SRP tagging program: Polacheck and Eveson (835.79 KB)
16 - (Australia) The aerial survey index of abundance: updated analysis methods and results: Eveson, Bravington and Farley (488.22 KB)
17 - (Australia) Commercial spotting in the Australian surface fishery, updated to include the 2005/6 fishing season: Basson and Farley (596.57 KB)
18 - (Australia) Trends in reported catch, effort and nominal catch rates in the Japanese longline fishery for SBT - 2006 update: Hartog, Polacheck and Cooper (871.13 KB)
20 - (Australia) Description of the data provided by CSIRO for the 2006 CCSBT Data exchange: Preece, Hartog and Cooper (41.12 KB)
21 - (Australia) Update on the Global Spatial dynamics Archival Tagging project-2006: Polacheck, Chang, Hobday and West (73.55 KB)
22 - (Australia) Proposed use of CCSBT Research Mortality Allowance to facilitate electronic tagging of juvenile and adult SBT as part of Australia's contributions to the CCSBT SRP in 2005-06: Polacheck and Gunn (29.71 KB)
23 - (Australia) Increased growth rates of juvenile SBT in recent years (1990s to present): Eveson, Polacheck and Farley (116.6 KB)
26 - (Australia) Consideration of requirements for monitoring and data validation for stock assessment and management procedures in light of independent catch reviews: C. Davies, T. Polacheck, J. Hender, J. Findlay (40.49 KB)
27 - (Australia) The Status of Cited Working Papers and Attachment 3 from Working Paper 1 from the 2005 Extended Scientific Committee Meeting: Polacheck, Basson, Kolody and Hartog (119.71 KB)
28 - (Australia) Comparison of East-West Movements of Archival Tagged Southern Bluefin Tuna in the 1990s and early 2000s: Polacheck, Hobday, West, Bestley and Gunn (428.99 KB)
32 - (Australia) Preparation of the BRS component of Australia’s data submission for 2006: P. Sahlquist, P. Hobsbawn, K. McLoughlin (2.39 MB)
34 - (Japan) Report of Japanese scientific observer activities for southern bluefin tuna fishery in 2005: Itoh, Narisawa and Tanabe (210.98 KB)
35 - (Japan) Activities of otolith collection and age estimation and analysis of the age data by Japan in 2005: Itoh, Hirai and Omote (246.32 KB)
36 - (Japan) Report of activities for conventional and archival tagging of southern bluefin tuna by Japan in 2005/2006 and proposal of tagging in 2006/2007: Itoh, Takahashi, Kurota and Oshitani (198.69 KB)
37 - (Japan) Acoustic Index of age one southern bluefin tuna abundance by the acoustic survey in 2005/2006: Itoh (365.65 KB)
38 - (Japan) Report on the piston-line trolling survey in 2005/2006: Fisheries Agency of Japan: Itoh and Kurota (220.33 KB)
39 - (Japan) CPUE comparison of Japanese longline vessels between with observed and without observer: Sakai and Itoh (142.08 KB)
40 - (Japan) Summary of fisheries indicators in 2006: Takahashi and Itoh (169.14 KB)
41 - (Japan) Report of the 2005/2006 RMA utilization and application for the 2006/2007 RMA: Fisheries Agency of Japan (16.13 KB)
42 - (Japan) SBT Stock Assessment and Projection under Overcatch Scenarios Using (3.59 MB)
43 - (Japan) Some Considerations of SRP tagging program: Takahashi and Kurota (73.86 KB)
44 - (Japan) Matters arise from changing of Japanese fishery regulation: Itoh (70.52 KB)
45 - (Japan) Analyses of genetic stock structure of the southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) using nuclear DNA variation: Nakadate, Suzuki, Itoh, Kurota, Tsuji and Chow (104.95 KB)
46 - (Taiwan) CPUE standardization of southern bluefine tuna caught by Taiwanese longline fishery (3.14 MB)
47 - (Japan) Future Use of “ST windows” index calculated by a new method: A proposal: Takahashi (25.35 KB)
Translated abstracts (和文) (120.35 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia’s 2004-05 southern bluefin tuna fishing season: P. Hobsbawn, J. Hender, J. Findlay, K. McLoughlin (671.48 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2005: Itoh and Narisawa (2.4 MB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - The New Zealand southern bluefin tune fishery in 2005: Shelton Harley and Terese Kendrick (335.46 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Korea) - Korean longline fishery for southern bluefin tuna in 2005 (23.79 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Taiwan) - Review of Taiwanese SBT Fishery of 2004/2005 (1.08 MB)
INFO 01 - (Australia) Examining the movement and residency of adult SBT in the Tasman Sea and on their spawning grounds south of Indonesia using pop-up archival tags: Gunn, Evans, Patterson and Carter (8.04 MB)
INFO 02 - (Australia) Proposal for continued monitoring of southern bluefin tuna recruitment via scientific aerial survey of juveniles in the Great Australian Bight: Davies, Farley, Eveson, Basson and Bravington (105.51 KB)
INFO 03 - (Australia) Review of southern bluefin tuna catch monitoring procedures: DSI Consulting PTY LTD (2.29 MB)