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CCSBT 10 (2003) - ESC of SC 8 (and SAG 4)

CCSBT 10 (2003) - ESC of SC 8 (and SAG 4)
01 - Draft Agenda of 4th SAG (35.97 KB)
02 - List of Participants of 4th SAG (61 KB)
03 - Draft Agenda of the Extended SC for 8th SC (21.15 KB)
04 - List of Participants of the Extended SC for 8th SC (65.5 KB)
05 - List of Documents - The Extended SC for 8th SC & 4th SAG (66.5 KB)
06 - (Secretariat) 4.Review of SBT Fisheries (26.08 KB)
07 - Consultation with Industry and Managers: Hilborn, R. (to be prepared at SAG) (153.93 KB)
08 - (Secretariat) 6.1. Characterization of SBT Catch (65.6 KB)
09 - (Secretariat) 6.3. Scientific Observer Program Standards (258.3 KB)
10 - (Secretariat) 6.4. CCSBT Scientific Research Program Tagging Program (925.6 KB)
11 - (Secretariat) 6.5 Direct Age Estimation (62.34 KB)
12 - (Secretariat) 6.6. Other SRP components (11.81 KB)
13 - (Secretariat) 7.1. Review of CCSBT datebase development (27.44 KB)
14 - (Secretariat) 7.2. CCSBT Collaboration with FIRMS/FIGIS systems (784.11 KB)
15 - (Secretariat) 8.1. Suggsstion to Ecologically Related Speacies Working Group (25.67 KB)
16 - (Secretariat) 9. Data exchange requirements for 2004 (140.21 KB)
17 - (Australia) The catch of SBT by the Indonesian longline fishery operating out of Benoa, Bali in 2002.: T.L.O. Davis and Andamari, R. (361.42 KB)
18 - (Australia) Length and age distribution of SBT in the Indonesian longline catch on the spawning ground.: Farley, J.H. and Davis, T.L.O. (508.47 KB)
19 - (Australia) The effect of alternate raising factors on the estimated catch of SBT by the Indonesian longline fishery.: Davis, T.L.O. and Polacheck, T. (437.73 KB)
20 - (Australia) Estimates of SBT catches in Bali based on the CSIRO/RIMF estimation procedure and sub-samples of the data collected by the IOTC coordinated monitoring program.: Polacheck, T. and Davis, T.L.O. (342.05 KB)
21 - (Australia) An update on Australian Otolith Collection Activities: 2002/03.: Stanley, C. and Polacheck, T. (147.35 KB)
22 - (Australia) Exploring the Trade-off between Tag Releases and Observer Coverage in the Estimation of Mortality Rates through an Integrated Brownie and Peterson Mark-Recapture Estimation Approach.: Polacheck, T., J. P. Eveson and G. M. Laslett. (446.01 KB)
23 - (Australia) An update of the graphics used for evaluating the performance of candidate management procedures for southern bluefin tuna.: Eveson, P. (257.25 KB)
24 - (Australia) Aerial survey indices of abundance: comparison of estimates from line transect and “unit of spotting effort” survey approaches.: Farley, J. and S. Bestley. (1.07 MB)
25 - (Australia) Report from a Pilot Tag Seeding Program for Estimating Tag Reporting Rates from the Australian Surface fishery.: Stanley, C.A. and T. Polacheck. (146.47 KB)
26 - (Australia) Trends in catch, effort and nominal catch rates in the Japanese longline fishery for SBT – 2003 update.: Hartog, J., D. Ricard, T. Polacheck and S. Cooper. (2.37 MB)
27 - (Australia) Issues in the selection of final trials for testing SBT management procedures and for the process of synthesizing results from the simulation testing.: Polacheck, T., D. Kolody and M. Basson. (941.27 KB)
28 - (Australia) An update on estimating a CPUE series for southern bluefin tuna using enhanced tree-based modelling methods.: Venables, B., P. Toscas, M. Bravington and T. Polacheck. (1.28 MB)
29 - (Australia) Results from further testing of candidate management procedures for southern bluefin tuna.: T. Polacheck, D. Ricard, P. Eveson, M. Basson, D. Kolody and J. Hartog. (1.65 MB)
30 - (Australia) Issues related to setting rebuilding objectives for southern bluefin tuna.: Polacheck, T. (252.65 KB)
31 - (Australia) A Description of the Distribution System for export and reject quality tuna landed at Port of Benoa.: Proctor, C.H., A. Andmari, G.S. Merta, and S. Simorangkir. (572.22 KB)
32 - (Australia) Estimation of age profiles of southern bluefin tuna.: Morton, R. and MV Bravington. (2.89 MB)
33 - (Australia) An Overview of the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Purse Seine Pilot Observer Programme (02/03) and Observed Longline Operations 2002.: Stanley, R, and M. Scott. (46.52 KB)
34 - (Japan) Interpretation of fisheries indicators by in 2003. (S.Tsuji) (76.23 KB)
36 - (Japan) Interpretation of second evaluation results of otolith aging. (T.Itoh and S.Tsuji) (97.85 KB)
37 - (Japan) Further investigations of a Fox model based Management Procedure for Southern Bluefin Tuna. (D.S.Butterworth and M.Mori) (493.59 KB)
38 - (Japan) Further exploration of CPUE-based management procedures. (S.Tsuji et al) (2.53 MB)
39 - (Japan) Report of the 2002/2003 RMA utilization and application for the 2003/2004 RMA. (JFA) (13.11 KB)
40 - (Korea) Preliminary results of testing on the candidate management procedures for southern bluefin tuna.: Moon, D.Y, An, D.H and Koh, J.R. (186.92 KB)
41 - (Japan) Some consideration toward the selection of a management procedure.: H.Kurota, H.Shono, N.Takahashi, K.Hiramatsu and S.Tsuji. (253.88 KB)
42 - (Japan) Issues to be considered for further development of MP.: K.Hiramatsu, H.Kurota, H.Shono, N.Takahashi and S.Tsuji. (721.02 KB)
43 - (Japan) Comments by Japan’s fisheries administrators regarding management procedure.: JFA. (12.91 KB)
44 - (Advisory Panel) Overview of Indicators of SBT stock status.: R. Hilborn, A. Parma, J. Ianelli and J. Pope. (21.08 KB)
45 - (Australia) Results of the second year of a pilot program to examine the feasibility of tagging mature SBT in the western Tasman Sea.: J. Gunn, J. Hender and M. Scott.HH (105.79 KB)
46 - (New Zealand) Within EEZ movements of southern bluefin tuna.: New Zealand. (103.07 KB)
Translated abstracts 17 - 26 (33.41 KB)
Translated abstracts 27, 29, 31, 32, 33 & INFO 02, 04 (19.15 KB)
35 - (Japan) Report of 2002/2003 results and proposal for 2003/2004 activities on CCSBT tagging by Japan.: Itoh., Takahashi., Tsuji. and Hosogaya. (160.45 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Australia) - Australia's 2001-02 Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishing Season.: J. Findlay. (211.77 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Japan) - Review of Japanese SBT Fisheries in 2002.: Itoh. and Nishimoto. (2.36 MB)
SBT Fisheries (New Zealand) - Trends in the New Zealand southern bluefin tuna fishery to 2002.: T. Murray. (212.41 KB)
SBT Fisheries (Fishing Entity of Taiwan) - Review of Taiwanese SBT Fishery of 2001/2002.: Fishing Entity of Taiwan. (1.08 MB)
SBT Fisheries (Korea) - Korean SBT longline fishery.: Moon, D.Y, Koh, J. R and An, D.H. (466.97 KB)
INFO 01 - (Australia) Size at first maturity and recruitment into egg production of southern bluefin tuna. Final Report FRDC Project No. 1999/106.: Davis, T., Farley, J., Bravington, M, and Andamari, M. (3.52 MB)
INFO 02 - (Australia) A pilot study to examine the potential for using pop-up satellite transmitting archival tags (PATs) to examine the migrations and behavior of adult Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT).: Gunn, J., and T. Patterson. (1.96 MB)
INFO 03 - (Australia, Japan) Southern Bluefin Tuna Recruitment Monitoring and Tagging Program: Report of the Fifteenth Workshop. (448.64 KB)
INFO 04 - (Australia) Global Spatial Dynamic Project for Juvenile SBT.: Polacheck, T., J. Gunn, and A. Hobday. (160.13 KB)
INFO 05 - (Japan) Proposal for Shoyo-maru spawning ground survey.: JFA (458.81 KB)
INFO 06 - (Nature) Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities.: Ransom A. Myers and Boris Worm (639.09 KB)
INFO 07 - (Japan) Proposal for Number 2 Taikei-maru spawning ground survey.: JFA (423.97 KB)